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Friday, 28 May 2010

Jason Kenney is a big, fat liar and the wall of money


  1. Nice podcast - a couple of details, though:

    * the $1.1B is not for the G8 summit in Huntsville (resort town, easy to secure), but for the G20 in downtown Toronto. It's still an unacceptable amount of money, but it's at least partially because it's a stupid place to hold it.
    * "brown note" sound weapons (that can make people involuntarily defecate) are fictional. The crowd control sound weapons being brought in from the states produce an intolerable sound (loud, piercing) that people cannot stay near.

    Other than that, excellent.

  2. Nudger -- As I understand it, the $1.1 billion is to pay for security at both the G8 near Huntsville, Ontario, and the G20 in Toronto. The G8 is being held at the remote Deerhurst resort that is 50km from the nearest airfield and pretty isolated, thus not that easy to secure from someone with some halfway decent fieldcraft skills, but I suppose Al Qaida aren't likely to have too many Eagle Scouts among their ranks. Damn near impossible to hold a large protest anywhere the conference attendees would see it though.

  3. The G20 is turning into a massive insult to Toronto (not to mention democracy and every citizen everywhere). I've been trying to think of some way to be funny about it, but I'm still too angry to do more than swear at them all.

    Great to hear the two of you again.