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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Episode 7- The History of the Blogosphere


  1. Hey Rev!

    Great stuff, and even greater fun - thanks again.

    I've built a bit of a link-laden listing of the various folks we talked about over at my place, here.


  2. 'nudder one I really enjoyed. Way-to-go revolutionary one!

    from about 1995 to the early 21st century I spent a lot of time in 'chat rooms' - AOL (that I have come to despise) had some very good ones and even Yahoo had an 'abortion debate' room that engendered much lively debate. (They were not all about picking up chicks).

    There after I began the same journey you did in the blogosphere - some in the states (loved the Hardin/Smith FDL)and many in Canada. "Woman at Mile 0" was one of my first and even Margolis has been about for a long time (even if he is not really a blogger, is he?)

    The important things in life were recommended to me in a very right wing blog .... that is "Bringing American Football to the World" - where I was a regular.

    Loved this program/edition ... keep up the goodie work!

  3. croghan27--

    Although I came after the rooms....

    I hear ya. There was a Billmon commenter-klatch spin-off site called "AllSpinZone" which was part of the fantastic mid-last decade Philly Liberal Blog scene...I hung out there pretty regularly, mostly because of the fact that the discussion there had this weird American Football tinge mixed in with the politics...Turned out the principals were all part of a PhilaEagles message board where most of the blather was decidedly very right-sided...

    And you're absolutely right about Woman at Mile 0 having an excellent blog, as does the Bread and Roses collective.